Innovation, R&D and sustainability

Progress and technology
Cutting-edge water technologies

The efficiency achieved by adjusting the water type and its special treatment is imperative for leading to a proper irrigation and good crops.
This is why we have advanced agro-technological functions and use varied brackish and purified water sources.

Sorting and packaging machines

Negev Produce optimizes its entire sorting and packaging operations by using advanced robotics, technologically adjusting itself to the sorting requirements facing it. A good example of this is the premium Dod Moshe potato brand that for the first time, categorized potatoes by the purposed use such as cooking, frying, baking, etc. Due to the wide variety of potatoes, advanced packaging and sorting technologies are in place.

Marine agriculture

This is a technological start-up allowing to generate market-leading protein substitutes. There is substantial collaboration taking place with agriculture-related industrial parks and start-up companies in Israel and abroad.

Development of new varieties and crops

Negev Produce makes a considerable investment into development of new varieties and crops in collaboration with local and overseas agricultural research institutes.
This involves development of new varieties and products based on the present ones and adjusting them to the domestic and overseas target audiences. The variety includes new crops as well as development and optimization of existing crops that are considered super-food.

Collaboration with technology companies

Negev Produce is involved in substantial collaboration with agriculture-related industrial parks and start-up companies in Israel and abroad. Our team examines the innovations, sorts and classifies the information, making the products ready for use.
In addition, Negev Produce is in contact with investment funds regarding collaborative action in the area of agriculture and a global AGRTec information system company for materializing innovative concepts.