From the dawn of days, farmers have been considered crucial to the growth and wellbeing of the global population. No matter the growth-territory-size, whenever farmers are concerned, working the land is not just about ‘going to work’. It’s a way of life.

For us, being a farmer means we enjoy the fulfillment of being able to provide almost any restaurant owner, hotel manager, or food chain across the globe with absolute freshness. Our crops are being meticulously nurtured on a day to day basis.

Our farmers work very industriously to hand pick, sort, clean, pack and ship the best looking and tasting small radish, avocados, citrus fruits, and quite a few species of delicious potatoes.

Agriculture is sacred when it comes to each and every individual working for “Negev Produce”. Each type of vegetable or fruit that we end up picking ends up in the fruit & vegetable sections belonging to thousands of food-chain branches, restaurants, chef restaurants, hotels as well as on the plates of millions living in the Eurasia zone.