Did you know?

There are 13 distinctive varieties grown by Negev Produce and they are marketed in the local market as well as for export according to demand and preferred taste.

Further details

Here in Negev Produce, we grow different varieties such as Galil, Ettinger, Fino, Fuerte, Pinkerton, Reed, Hass, Harvest, Gem, Nir, Ardith, BL and Wurtz.

Every avocado variety is unique in its peel, texture and taste.

Area of cultivation – All the products sold by Negev Produce, including avocado, grow in the Besor region in the Western Negev, with its temperate climate preserving the avocado’s quality.

Picking – time of picking varies by variety: avocado is mainly a summer growth and ripens, subject to the variety, from late September to late May. Avocado picking should be completed by July. Negev Produce maintains successive supply to customers by way of varied marketing channels.

Storage conditions – retaining the avocado’s quality is achieved by storage in a controlled temperature in refrigerated rooms under special conditions that enable to maintain the quality of produce over a long span of time, thus allowing to market quality produce.

Marketing and distribution – shipments are packed and dispatched to the customers. In Negev Produce we have a controlled distribution system, with which we are able to control the entire value chain from packinghouse to the customer’s doorstep, while maintaining high standards.

Our products around the world

Negev Produce’s global operations spans over a wide variety of customers in Europe and the US who enjoy an improved, quality and fresh produce.

The main ports through which export is performed are located in Britain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Russia. The main distribution is carried out by maritime conveying of merchandise to the closest port in Europe and from there it is transferred by trucks to the farther countries of Northern Europe. In urgent cases, shipments can be done by air.
By employing a professional and efficient chain of supply, the company can maximize the exposure to its products and enhance their consumption in numerous countries around the world and even carry out precise follow-up on the products for quality control and logistical management. Packaging may vary according to the country and its specified requirements.