Local & International Farmers - that's who we are

Doing what we do, we take
part in a substantial and international full-scale operation that includes farming, grooming, packing and shipping of the very best fruit & vegetable crops to a variety of countries around the world.

On top of being international farmers, we also play a major role in the Israeli fruit & vegetable market! Our brand “Dod Moshe” offers an array of different type of surprisingly delicious potatoes, accompanied by our very own carrots, small radish, citrus and avocado.

All of the above fruits and vegetables are being marketed both locally, and internationally.

 In fact, we take a lot of pride being able to ship immense amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables to a

growing number of countries. Being farmers is just who we are, and as such we take great pleasure working out in the field, making sure the soil undergoes all stages of treatment so that it’s at its best when we sow it.