Did you know?

Negev Produce’s carrots are grown in the soil of the western Negev. Different varieties are accustomed to different seasons and at times, to different soil types. Sowing spans from July to November. Growing takes between 100 to 180 days. Gathering is carried out 3.5 to 6 months later.

Further details

Growing area – growing conditions in the Negev area are optimal.  On the one hand, they are temperate and on the other hand, humid.  Carrots are grown on field-based garden-beds in varying spaces, allowing growing, while addressing different needs set by the consumers and seasons.  These unique conditions allow to provide and market to the consumer a high-quality carrot.  

Varieties – Negev Produce grow an assortment of varieties including Nairobi, Melodio, Natuna and Dordogne.  There are veteran and new varieties.  

After gathering, to allow summer marketing, the carrots are chill-stored in a designated temperature to preserve quality and flavor.

Packaging – Negev Produce’s carrot packaging is designed to meet the consumer’s preferences, either in the domestic market, or the worldwide markets, as well as to suit the structure of the marketing and distribution channel.  

All the carrots are marketed, either domestically or for export, using an established protocol.  Adhering to quality and professionalism is in our nature.  We are meticulous in marketing the best and choice produce.

Our products around the world

Negev Produce’s global operations spans over a wide variety of customers in Europe and the US who enjoy an improved, quality and fresh produce.

The main ports through which export is performed are located in Britain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Russia. The main distribution is carried out by maritime conveying of merchandise to the closest port in Europe and from there it is transferred by trucks to the farther countries of Northern Europe. In urgent cases, shipments can be done by air.
By employing a professional and efficient chain of supply, the company can maximize the exposure to its products and enhance their consumption in numerous countries around the world and even carry out precise follow-up on the products for quality control and logistical management. Packaging may vary according to the country and its specified requirements.